Computer Diagnostics

Computer Diagnostics

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Hearing a strange noise coming from your engine bay or seeing the “check engine” flash on in your vehicle can be a worrisome occurrence. Luckily, TGC Auto & Truck Repair is here to put your mind at ease with quick and accurate computer diagnostics. Our top of the line computer diagnostics will find exactly what the issue is when it is too obscure for the naked eye and manual testing. We use the latest technology in computer diagnostics to determine where the problem is originating from and how best to resolve it.

Our computer diagnostics service includes:

Professional Technicians - Our staff includes fully trained and certified diagnostic technicians who can accurately assess computer read-outs and diagnose the issue. We wouldn’t have anyone who isn’t trained determine the best course of action for computer diagnostic results.

Full Scans - The computer diagnostic service you will receive at TGC Auto & Truck Repair fully scans your car or truck’s on-board computer for accurate determination of any existing issues.

Database Checks - We can check the make and model of your vehicle against a comprehensive database from the vehicle manufacturer to see if there are any common problems with certain aspects of your vehicle.

Accurate Estimates - Based on our expert observations and computer diagnostic results, we will quickly give you an estimate of the repair costs.

TGC Auto & Truck Repair embraces technology and uses it to further assist our customers. You can rely on us and our equipment for an accurate assessment of your vehicle and for fair and competitive prices. We invite the residents of Nashville, TN to visit us today!