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It can get downright sweltering in Nashville, TN so if your vehicle's AC system is out of commission, bring it into TGC Auto & Truck Repair and we will get it humming like new again. Get ice cold air at the touch of a button with our professional AC repairs. We have certified automotive AC technicians on hand at all times. We can fix your AC system better than anyone else because we specialize in AC repairs. No matter what kind of vehicle you have, an efficient AC system is within reach when you call TGC Auto & Truck Repair.

We repair AC systems on all vehicles including:

● Honda
● Mitsubishi
● Lincoln
● Mercedes
● Audi
● Volvo
● Subaru
● Ford
● Oldsmobile
● Chevy
● Dodge
● Kia
● Hyundai
● Toyota
● Saab
● Lexus
● Mercury
● Saturn
● Daewoo
● Fiat
● Mini
● Jaguar

The list could go on and on, but no matter what vehicle you may have, we can repair your AC system to work like new again. No matter how old or new your car or truck may be, we have the experts to get the AC repairs done. Both foreign and domestic vehicles can be expertly serviced by our certified crew of AC technicians. Beat the heat and bring your vehicle into our garage and get a cool and comfortable ride today!