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Automotive Repairs

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Here at TGC Auto & Truck Repair we have been in business for a long time. In our many years of serving Nashville, TN, we have serviced...

Computer Diagnostics

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Hearing a strange noise coming from your engine bay or seeing the “check engine” flash on in your vehicle can be a worrisome occurrence.

AC Services

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It can get downright sweltering in Nashville, TN so if your vehicle's AC system is out of commission, bring it into TGC Auto & Truck Repair...


We also offer Engine Rebuilding and Replacement & Bodywork!
AARP members, please ask about our Seasonal Discount!

Welcome to TGC Auto & Truck Repair

Your vehicle does so much for you on a daily basis. You depend on your car or truck to get yourself to work, your children to school, and to provide transportation for various errands and events. You may use your truck for work which may include heavy duty lifting, hauling, or towing. With so much responsibility placed on our vehicles, it is important to treat them right so that they can keep treating us right. We are TGC Auto & Truck Repair, and we are here to keep your vehicle running reliably for you.

Regular maintenance of your vehicle is crucial to ensure long life and dependability but with so many mechanics in the Nashville, TN area, how do you know which one to use? Use the mechanics with the expert knowledge and years of experience to service your vehicle. Use the auto shop that has been trusted for over 30 years. Use the car and truck repair service that will do it all for cheaper than the other guys. Use TGC Auto & Truck Repair. We are the most trusted auto garage in Nashville because of our honest and professional mechanics.

We love to work on cars and trucks and we also love to help our customers when they need us the most. It means a lot to us that so many customers come back when they need auto repair or maintenance service. We value all of our customers and we are here to provide fast and knowledgeable auto repair services whether it is an emergency situation, or preventative service. You can trust our fully certified mechanics to find out exactly what that strange noise is, why your “check engine” light is on, or where that leak is coming from.

We do it all so give us a call about our services today!